Impressions of past events

At this point we would like to offer you an impression of the variety of events carried out by Elephant Event Production GmbH. Our repertoire does not only cover typical light and sound installations, but also includes projections, staff meetings, plays, musicals, concerts and fixed installations.

Elephant Event Production GmbH was founded in 2015 and is characterised by the delivery of lasting results by focusing on long-term solutions and relationships. We believe in the creation of trust through transparency and professional competence as well as the guarantee of planning security and failure safety. We also pride ourselves on our fairness towards the customers, the suppliers, any third parties involved and, above all, our employees.

We hope our reports from selected past events will offer you a first glimpse of our expertise and capabilities and inspire you to considers us for any future projects.

750th Anniversary Building Illumination

Memorial Tower Großbeeren - Town of Großbeeren - 1st and 4th Quarter 2021
Memorial Tower Großbeeren

In honour of its 750th anniversary, the town of Großbeeren requested a bid for a lighting service within the framework of a restricted tendering procedure. For this purpose, Elephant Event Production GmbH developed a lighting concept, which included the following aspects: attaching banners showing the anniversary’s logo, calculating the wind load of the banners, a building-friendly installation, IP65 weather resistance, full automation and energy-saving LED spotlights.

As part of the commission, all four sides of the memorial tower, commemorating the Battle of Großbeeren in 1813, in the centre of town are currently being illuminated, thus creating a colourful, wide-area basic illumination. As the festivities extend over the entire year of 2021, the colour selection will alternate regularly throughout the project, thus reflecting the theme of change throughout the course of the year.

The lighting fixtures were installed on the intermediate levels of the tower. By illuminating the façade as steeply as possible, its structure becomes more visible as well as eliminating the risk of blinding ongoing traffic in the area. The accentuation of the towers architectural details, such as window revels and other elements, serves as a complement to the flat façade lighting described above. By illuminating these details, they appear to separate themselves from the façade, allowing clear contours to be more visible in comparison, thus creating a three-dimensional effect.

As this is a temporary installation of event technology, only clamping slings and weights are used so that the structure of the listed building is not damaged. Additionally, planning this event also required the calculation of wind loads, cantilevers and stability verifications in order to ensure that everything remained safe.

Elephant Event Production GmbH is grateful to be able to carry out this project alongside the town of Großbeeren, especially during a time in which events with audiences are not possible. The positive response from the citizens of Großbeeren also confirms that carrying out such an illumination was the right decision.

Dance Show "Soul Dance"

Dance show "Soul Dance – A history of Couple Dance" - Admiralspalast, Berlin - Robert Beitsch - September 2018
Dance show "Soul Dance – A history of Couple Dance"

Soul Dance was a dance show held at the Admiralspalast, Berlin and which incorporated Swing, Latin, Funk and Soul elements.

The ensemble consisted of 20 dance couples with a combined 124 championship titles between them, including three world dance champions. Amongst others, this included the world champions Sergey and Viktoria Tatarenko, gold medallist at the last Paralympic Games Heinrich Popow, Angelina Kirsch, Jessica Paszka and Sarah Lombardi. The show was accompanied by a twelve-piece orchestra alongside singers Keith Tynes, Daniel Keeling, Mizmoni and Tutu Tutani, all under the musical direction of Genya Ginzburg.

As general contractor in the field of event technology, the team of Elephant Event Production GmbH were involved in every stage of the project. From the initial idea, through the set-up and implementation of the show, to the loading of the final case, Elephant were responsible for planning and implementing the stage setup, lighting, pyrotechnics, sound and props.
As part of the customer’s vision to try and bring the passion of the dances closer to the audience, a nine meter long walkway was erected which ended in a circular stage built on top of the existing seating. Extending the stage in such a way allowed the audience to sit within reach of the action on stage.
In close consultation with the production team, required scenic effects were also developed and implemented. For example, during the performance of a "Paso Doble" dance, the scene was accompanied by a twelve-metre wide fire effect. Additionally, a concert grand piano was converted and altered especially, so that it could be used as a movable prop that could be walked and danced upon.

In order to reduce the production time at the venue, modern event-technological solutions were used during planning, rehearsal and implementation of the event. This involved virtually creating the lighting design and visualisation, in order to easily synchronise the dance rehearsals with the lighting effects later used in the show. In order to achieve this, reference points were chosen to represent grids on the sage: these reference points, which divided the entire stage of the Admiralpalast into 1m² fields, could then be projected onto various rehearsal rooms as well as used in the 3D visualisation for event planning and programming.
During the actual live shows, Elephant's team provided a lighting operator, two sound operators, two follow drivers, two stage technicians and a stage manager. By remaining in constant communication with each other, as well as with the artists, the venue staff and the fire service, it was possible to ensure a well-coordinated performance during all three sold-out shows.

A follow-up event is currently being planned.


Peter Valance - 30-50 dates per year

Our involvement typically begins weeks in advance of any tour by clarifying every show’s content and technical details. Schedules are worked out and each venue’s equipment is checked against the respective requirements of the production. In preparation for each tour, our permanent team starts planning the logistics and transport. We also identify and provide technical elements such as lighting, sound, pyrotechnics and special equipment, as well as preparing sequence plans and scene-specific lighting programming, which can be adapted to each respective location. Elephant’s team of professionals also accompanies the rehearsal and trial operations before a single show has been performed.

Upon arrival at the venue, the first step usually involves consulting with the local crew. We discuss set-up and installation, as well as the required transfer points for water, electricity, lighting and sound. Then props are built and set up on stage, alongside any additional event technology that may be needed. Subsequently, light runs, special effects and dangerous scenic actions are rehearsed and a sound check is carried out.
Während der Show werden die Positionen des Lichtoperators, Tonoperators, Bühnentechnikers und Pyrotechnikers von der Elephant besetzt. Nach der erfolgreich durchgeführten Show findet der Rückbau und das Verladen des veranstaltungstechnischen Equipments statt, um am Folgetag den nächsten Spielort anzufahren.

Zudem wird der Ablauf gemeinsam mit Peter Valance in einem Feedbackgespräch reflektiert.
At the end of a successful tour, we check and maintain both the equipment and the grand illusions.

Throughout the many years of successful and effective cooperation with Peter Valance, we have been fortunate to develop a trusting and reliable cooperation with each other, which is continually improved upon through constant reflection.

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