Who we are

The team of Elephant Event GmbH can show a great variety of different experiences with events in international and national context. Read more here.

Christian Scholl

Fire, smoke, colourful flashes and colours have captivated me since my early childhood. While other children tried to hide behind their parents on New Year's Eve, I wanted to be right in the thick of it. So when I discovered my passion for pyrotechnics early on in my life, it came as no surprise to anyone.
And even today, this fascination has not changed; quite the opposite in fact. After gaining experience as an assistant and completing various courses, I can now call myself a licensed pyrotechnican
But let's start at the beginning: My passion for pyrotechnics was not the only thing that manifested itself early on.
My school’s Theatre Club helped me discover my interest in stage work and the technology that goes with it. And it was precisely through this club that I was able to make my first contacts in the event industry. I was introduced to my later master, a person who I still call a close friend and who taught me a great deal along the way.
Outside of school, I invested all my energy and free time in my passion. I didn't consider the work around the various events as simply a job to stock up my pocket money. I wanted to soak up every new experience like a sponge and event nights just couldn't be long enough. Of course, the money I earned along the way was definitely a nice bonus.

Then in 2010 I was able to found my first sole proprietorship and ‘Scholl Veranstaltungstechnik’ was born.
I didn't exactly lack any experience, but I felt that still needed a "title". In 2012, I therefore decided to leave my hometown of Siegen and move to the Capital to get my degree. Of course, I took ‘Scholl Veranstaltungstechnik’ with me. I was able to expand the company, buy more and more equipment and work even bigger events. The income generated through my company financed my studies in theatre technology at the Beuth University of Applied Sciences in Berlin..
After successfully graduating, I received the title of ‘Theatre Technology B. Eng’, as well as being a “Person Responsible for Event Technology” in accordance with §33 BetrVo of German law.

Apart from gaining a title, my studies introduced me to another new experience. I met my future business partner and good friend Marco Pohlmann. We quickly realised that we shared the same passion and so, after a wet meeting at the lake, Elephant Event Production was founded in 2015.

Many large and small events followed, some of which have remained particularly memorable to me. Since 2018, I have been in charge of the lighting for the Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland. This project is a new challenge for me every time. High up the mountain’s peak with lots of snow and associated logistical "challenges", over 80 events take place every day over the course of just 3 days.

And we are also regular guests at my former university. Here, the events are either implemented by current students or delegated to former graduates. We are happy to be a partner and to be able to stage events like the “Long Night of Science” which we accentuated using lights and projections.

In 2016 the Elephants became a bit more ‘magical’. Peter Valance, magician by profession - and very successful at that – hired us for the first time and has been happy to take us on tour ever since. Our work with him allows us to successfully demonstrate and develop our expertise regarding the equipment of stages, which includes, for example, special constructions, logistics, lighting and sound.

Of course, the Corona virus has had a major impact on us and the entire industry. But as elephants, we have always had particularly thick skin and we’ve been able to successfully master this crisis. We have used this time to educate ourselves and strengthen our competences. Fixed installations, building automation and our own first developments have not only challenged us physically, but have challenged us physically and mentally, but have also allowed us to develop as a whole.

The only question that remains now is what do we want for the future after we have overcome this crisis?
We would definitely like to pick up where we were forced to a standstill so abruptly in 2020. In other words, we would like to continue to organise beautiful and successful events in every conceivable direction.
In addition, we would like to bring our developments, such as a specially developed power distribution system, to market maturity. Our heads are full of ideas that want to make themselves heard and the power distribution system is just the beginning.

And who knows, maybe we will soon be able to welcome our first apprentice to the company. 😉

Marco Pohlmann

I first developed an interest in event technology while I was still at primary school. At only 9 years of age I was gifted my first fog machine, which was soon joined by other lighting technology such as UV lamps and mirror balls, which I used to lighten up my friends parties and other events.

My career then began when I started organising parties and events at my local youth club. This inspired me to complete my ‘Fachabitur’ (German vocational baccalaureate diploma) in electrical engineering and automation technology. After numerous internships at event technology companies, I then completed an apprenticeship as an ‘event technology specialist’ in the field of lighting. During this, I was already involved in planning and implementing large events at an early stage.

After my apprenticeship, I went on to study at the Beuth University of Applied Sciences in Berlin. In addition to my studies, I worked as a lighting technician in theatres such as the ‘Berliner Ensemble’, the ‘Deutsche Oper’ and the ‘Komische Oper’. I have been self-employed since 2013 and in 2015 I founded Elephant Event Production GmbH together with Christian Scholl.

Martin Franz

I have always been a music enthusiast. This first manifested itself when I was 15 years old and started practising DJing at home, as well as making my first attempts at music production aged 16. Additionally, I have a certain weakness for event equipment. During several internships since 2002, I was able to gain first hand experience around recording studios, instruments, trade and radio. During my training as an event technology specialist, I then switched from sound to lighting. In addition to my apprenticeship, I also gained qualifications as an expert for event rigging (SQQ2 Level 1), and console training (GMA, Chamsys).

I gained my first experience as an independent event technician at the Berlin Marathon closing event at the Postbahnhof in the area of lighting (rigging, power) and console support (band, party). I have also accompanied tours featuring ‘Ton Steine Scherben’, ‘Korn’, and ‘Eunique’, as well as working at trade fairs for ‘von Ardenne’ (full service provider) and "VW/Skoda" (lighting technician for Cologne Hunters). I have also worked for "Schlagfertig Berlin" in the area of lighting and video design.

For the future I would like to use my skills more around planning and improving processes with the help of "special solutions". This includes stage design for bands (touring) and gala events.

Rupert Konziella

Since I was a child, every trip to the circus or the theatre resulted in me staring at the ceiling more intensely than at whatever was happening on stage. This has never really changed and ever since I was 12 years old I have always roughly known where my journey would take me.

In addition to my studies in theatre technology, I started to gain practical experience as a working student at the ‘Universität der Künste’ (University of Arts) and found my home especially in the field of lighting. I supervised many projects and took care of the varying wishes, worries and needs of the students there.

Since 2019, I have been a working student at Elephant Event Production GmbH and have already been able to gain a lot of experience here as well. The type of events are very diverse and I have already been able to experience class evenings, farewell parties, staff meetings, staff parties, plays, musicals, concerts and other events in a wide variety of positions.

In the last few years I have also focused a lot on microelectronics and technical computer science, so that I am now able to plan and implement many user-defined projects. Especially networks and their administration have become a core competence of mine. Mikroelektronik und Technische Informatik orientiert, sodass ich in der Lage bin viele Benutzerdefinierte Projekte zu planen und umzusetzen. Besonders Netzwerke und deren Verwaltung sind eine Kernkompetenz von mir geworden.